Eowyn's Lament for Aragorn

- Marsaili
Eowyn's Lament for Aragorn Who is this man, a stranger to me who has captured my heart? He is kindness and bravery a King among Men a mystery to others, an open book to me. I know not why I love him He belongs to another. Though, he is my soulmate another woman is his and his life belongs to her. He is bedraggled by war and encumbered by worry yet he still takes the time to see the pain of others, and the goodness. He protects those around him with his life. Oh! How I love thee Aragorn I know not how to live without you The abyss lies at my feet total darkness until your return I wait at the Black Gate cold and alone. He is a King among all men His destiny takes him far away from me If only he would look my way, see me, want me. The light would return to my life. Pity me not for I am the Shieldmaiden of Rohan. I am strong in battle, fearless in the face of death, and resolute in my love.