Faramir, My Love

- Maiden of Minas Tirith

A cloud and a shadow hung over me,
Until I saw your shinning eyes.

Forever lost in sorrow was I,
Till your love drew my innermost heart to thee.

My life, which I thought was void of purpose,
Was exalted by your wise words from the start.

You made me believe that life was a gift,
One best not thrown to the wolves.

And I wept to realize how I cared for you so,
Time healed my wounds; but YOU healed my heart.

And now as we stand side by side,
On the day that we make our wedding vows,

I think back on the journey we both took,
And look into your beautiful eyes.

My husband you shall be from this day forth,
And life will deal with us what it will.

For we have passed through the shadow of dark wings,
And lived to see the dawn.