Thinking of Frodo

It is a burden you shouldn’t have had to bear;
A heart of joy shattered by pain,
A soul of light darkened with despair.

I would have born it for you,
You denied me that task, so I looked ahead
And eased your way where I could instead.
One might falter and fail,
But two can outlast and overcome.

You seem a world away.
Are you happier where you are?
Sometimes I try to talk to you;
Can you hear my thoughts?
Only the wind answers back.

I am told we may meet -
Sometime - years ahead.
Too long it seems to me.

The years are long, but kind.
Trees and plants still grow,
Children play about me.
My Love sits at my side,
On a chilly winter’s eve.

Even the brightest days have a dark cloud
hanging in the sky. You’re not here,
But I remember our friendship and smile.
One day soon, my friend, we shall meet
And the wait will not seem long at all.
- Magic Dreamer