Names of a King

Infant child so young and fair,
what does your future hold.
Dunedaian, Mortal, Isildur's heir,
Kept safe within the elven fold.

Estel the Elves called you,
Thorongil had the wanderer's feet.
"Chieftan" the rangers hail you,
In Lothlorien, you did Arwen meet.

Ranger "Strider" Wizard's friend,
Sitting in an inn at Bree.
Waiting for Gandalf's lonely errand,
Waiting patiently on a Hobbit plus three.

To the Hobbit you did swear your sword,
To save Middle-earth you'd give your life.
An heir of kings, an exiled Lord,
Your fondest dream, Arwen as your wife.
- Magic Dreamer