Two Found Poems for Elrond

Taken from the words of Tolkien's text

The Last House

Hidden is the fair valley of Rivendell
where Elrond lives in the Last Homely House.
Evil things did not come into that valley.
The only path marked with white stones.

Bilbo’s pony, guided by Gandalf,
came to the brink of the deep valley
the scent of trees was in the air;
the voice of water in a rocky bed;
there was a light across the water.

The Last Homely House west of the Mountains

His house was perfect, whether you liked food,
sleep, work, story-telling, singing, or just sitting
and thinking or a pleasant mixture of all.
Merely to be there was a cure
for weariness, fear, and sadness.

Master of the House

In those days, there were still some people
who had for ancestors both elves and heroes
Elrond, master of the house, was their chief.

The master of the house was an elf-friend.
Noble and as fair as an elf-lord -
the face was ageless, neither old nor young,
in it was written things glad and sorrowful.
Venerable as a king crowned with many winters,
Hale, a warrior in the fullness of strength;
Wise as a wizard, as kind as summer.

His hair was dark as shadows of twilight,
upon it, a circlet of silver.
His eyes were grey as a clear evening,
in them was the light of stars.
Upon his finger, a ring of gold with
a great blue stone, Vilya mightiest of Three.

I have seen three ages of the world...
I was the herald of Gil-galad
and marched at the battle of Dagorlad.
I beheld the last combat on the slopes
of Orodruin, where Sauron himself was overthrown.

Earendil was my sire, who was born in Gondolin
before it’s fall; and my mother was Elwing,
daughter of Dior, son of Luthien of Doriath.

It is said, the might of Elrond
is in wisdom not in weapons.
A master of healing, Greatest of lore-masters...
Halfelven, he was.
Lord of Rivendell
And mighty among both Elves and Men.
- Magic Dreamer