Elven Cloaks

LotR Object: The cloaks of Lorien

This is a "Found" poem, using phrases from Tolkien

A hood and cloak to each
Fair garments, the web good
Fastened about the neck with a brooch
Like a green leaf veined with silver.

Grey, the hue of twilight under the trees
Yet if moved or set in another light,
Were green as shadowed leaves, or
Brown as fallow fields by night,
Dusk silver as water under stars

Pippin looking at them in wonder
Are these magic cloaks?
They are elvish robes certainly
Light to wear, warm enough or cool enough
Made in this land
Leaf and branch, water and stone
These things that we love
They have the hue and beauty of all
For we put the thought of all
That we love into all that we make.

Yet they are garments not armour
they will not turn shaft or blade
You will find them a great aid
Keeping out of the sight of unfriendly eyes

High in the favour of the Lady
Never before have we clad strangers
In the garb of our own people.
She and her maidens wove this stuff
Their elven-cloaks.

- Magic Dreamer