Faramir's Love, the White Lady

You lost your brother, I feel for you.
My father passed, and yours did too.
I lost another though he didn't pass,
his heart belongs to another lass.
In my grief, you came to me,
and healed my heart beneath this tree.
On this wall we did stand,
looking East, you held my hand.
The war is now over, my brother calls,
but my heart still wavers, my countenance falls.
I cannot go and meet his face,
Greatest King of all his race.
For his love, I still live.
But this I know he cannot give.
Then you spoke so gallantly,
and broke his spell with poetry.
Its not the same I felt for him,
now I see twas a girlish whim.
On the wall we stood up high,
you kissed me under sunlit sky.
Fear and pain and darkness gone,
I am your Lady Eowyn of Rohan.

- Lúthien Tinúviel