DarkElf at Work

- Lothithil

The heart beats
Breath is stilled
Skin tingles and trickles of sweat
But there is no movement
Below, the forest floor is peaceful
No sign of danger
But then, they can't see me, either

I haunt the treetops like an owl
For my prey is cruel and cunning
Their captives they will slay with glee
Should they learn how close I lie
But they will not reach Angband with these
Even if I must slay them myself

I know not what spell the Dark Rider used
He has remade my kinfolk into parodies of life
Blacksouled and savage
Filled with hatred for light and beauty
But he cannot make things live by himself
He uses us, the ones he can catch
To mold into servants of his desire

Though the Sea calls me, a thin voice from over the mountains
I heed it not, but hunt and kill
And some folk I save and free, sending them gratefully
On the road I cannot yet tread