The Warden of Lorien

- Lothithil

Skilled in hunt with swords and bows
Considered wise in all he knows
Never misses when he throws
Haldir steals the show
Passionate about his trees
Hears the music on the breeze
Upon him is no oath or geas
Haldir's the one we like to see
He is as old as hill and stream
The stars of the First Age in his eyes gleam
Cold and aloof to some he may seem
Haldir serves his Queen
Patrols the borders of the North
With his brothers he goes forth
They have little time for song or mirth
Haldir respects the earth
When Frodo arrives upon the flet
And with our Elf is at last met
He sees evil has the innocent beset
Haldir is filled with regret
For courtesy he may neglect
But his people he must protect
Lest their trees and homes be wrecked
Haldir should their pleas reject
He sees the company is true
And that chances for their escape are few
And so he leads them reluctantly through
Haldir may come one day, this to rue
To help this hobbit he is drawn
He leads them to the verdant lawn
Of his home Caras Galadhon
Haldir leads them on