DarkElf Wakes

"Thou art awake, Moonflower?"

My eyes, unlidded now unveiled
The shining spirit before me speaks
His words are strange, his face is kind
He offers me a restorative drink

"Allow me to help thee- Thy wounds are but newly mended."

My limbs scream to me that I yet live
A riddle most profound, considering...
Here is a riddle more perplexing:
Where am I now?

"'Tis miruvor. It will ease thy discomfort. Thou art in Menegroth, Kingdom of Thingol and Melian. Thou art safe..."

Images follow the words, I am o'erwhelmed
Before the Dreaming takes me again,
I reach out, because I must know
If the vision of beauty that speaks is real.

- Lothithil