Song of the Void

- Lothithil
(Song of the Void)

Before there was light
and the rumour of darkness
Before the conception of sorrow, love or hate
Before there was sight or sensation
There was music

Hearing and listening
Each playing the part as instructed
But ever as listening, learning more
of my brethrens's voices

There was a sense of lacking

To me greater knowledge of the music was given
And with each played my music
Together bringing to the choir the better achievement
And hearing, Our Father smiled

But still, there was a lack

The Void called to me
And in its echoing chambers acquired the concept of "I"
I learned loneliness and pride
I wished to join my song to the Fire Imperishable
so that the Void would no longer be void
So that I would no longer be alone

But ever it eluded me
Ever it was withheld

So I played then my part without fear or obeisance,
And some of my brethren tuned their voices
to mine, hearing my brilliance
Ecstacy in the war of music
and the beginning of violence

I merely played as I was taught