Tomorrow And Someday

- Lothithil

 a sad poem by Frodo

We threw a Birthday Party and everyone was glad
Impossible to measure, all the pleasure that we had
We danced and consumed ale, eating all the meat and bread
While in the sky fire blossomed, raining magic on our heads

Tomorrow, all these things will change
Tomorrow, all that is familar becomes strange
Tomorrow wilts the flower and dries the leaf
That which made me laugh today will someday bring me grief

When I wake tomorrow, I will be on my own
My best friend and mentor will have by then, the Shire flown
There is nothing I can do to persuade you not to leave
So today I laugh and smile and know tomorrow I will grieve

Someday, all the world will return to peace
Someday, my lonely tears will cease
Someday, and I hope I don't have long to wait
I will turn and find you at my side, or just coming through the gate