DarkElf Thwarted

In the valley of the Rains a heavy mist lay
No menace in my intent,
I must think like the predator to follow
This Guest, more like an Elf than a Man, he
Seems to sense my presence
Though he has not yet detected me

All of my skill it has taken
To track him in this featureless heath
Of muggy clumped dales and fog-shrouded dells
Clusters of trees are few
And filled with tiny birds that chatter angrily
When he draw near them.

The hills draw nearer; he lifts a crafted band
And announces himself
To the unseen guardians of Taur-en-Faroth
They meet and escort him onward, beyond my ken

My own welcome is tense
Two Elves whom I could not guile
Intercept my persuit.
So far away my mark, they cannot guess my purpose
And I do not speak
Of Nargothrond they are, saying
I must come thither
As they allow me to retain my weapons, I comply
That is where my road leads

- Lothithil