There is a Stone

- Lothithil
There is a stone in my mouth
Gentle hands have placed there
His face is tight with distress and worry
But love shines in his eyes
Even looking upon the wreck of me

He will never now hear those words I would speak
Be not silent while you have time and heart to sing
A lesson learned late, pride and honour betrayed
I cannot express what my heart dictates
Tongues can sell falsehood that the soul refuses

He says he knows, that he knew from the first
And tenderly he gives me the healing I need
As we pause before the night crossing through Crissaegrim
Our only lamps the bright eyes of
Legolas Greenleaf the night-sighted
Who leads our ragged parade through the Eagle’s Pass

My lord follows in the rearguard
After setting a kiss on Jacinth’s brow
Meleth is weeping though she holds the babe close
I will see them free if I have to carve a path
Through the very heart of Echoriath

In that treacherous place we are ambushed,
Orcs fall on the unarmed maids and children
But valourous are the folk, and though many are slain
The orcs are defeated
But behind comes an evil press
And the flames reveal a terror greater
Than a long fall to sharp stone

A Balrog has come, and before my eyes
I see my lord fight that demon alone
And dealt him his death with a fierceness
But as he falls, that creature of horror,
He closed his black hand in strands of gold
And pulled Glorfindel down to join him in doom

I will follow him into the abyss, I will not lose another!
But strong hands catch my cloak and hold
A flower of fire blooms out of the gorge
And rising above it rides an Eagle
Bearing a burden that breaks my heart

We built a cairn for him in that high place
The stones placed there were as anchors
That I cast off, my spirit adrift on a sea of grief
He flies to the Halls, the mansions that are West
And dwells there until I might come
Or he, perhaps, returns

I seek then our daughter, and wrap her
In a cloak of gold singed and stained
And leaving a kiss smeared on her fair cheek
I take up his blackened sword
Wipe it clean to behold its demasked beauty
And begin my task
Becoming the silent hunter again

Here ends the Tale of The Fall of Gondolin, seen through the eyes of Morlothiel, the DarkElf. Her adventures will continue, for you see, she is waiting for something now...