DarkElf in Taur-en-Faroth

It is that one!
The burning Man who loves the nightingale
His face is of dark despair
For one once so full of love

What has transpired to rift him
From the side of Tinuviel?

Idly I follow as he wanders
Down to the Falls
And westward through the mists and rains
To the Taur-en-Faroth
I thought he meant to seek those dark trees
'Good council' thought I!
But not long were we on the plain
Before the guarding ones descried us
He ever oblivious to my accompaniment
They respectful of the ring he held aloft
Waylaid but not assailed, they lead him on
While stone-faced Elves bracket me
I am escorted discreetly
Until to the mighty underground fortress we come

- Lothithil