Tarnin Austa

- Lothithil
In a garden in the Palace grounds
A DarkElf waits with bated breath
A promise made long ago
Comes after this night to fruition
My lord watches with me and waits
To hear at last from my reticent lips
Answers he has longed to learn
And on the dawning of the Gates of Summer,
I have promised to speak

But at that hour, as darkness claimed the sky
We walked in gardens while Gondolin murmured
With low music unjoined by voices
All the folk are lined about the walls of the city
Looking up and waiting for the hours of morning to come
Culling a private moment in the sweet gardens
We do not note the growing light
Until our shadows fall redly on the flowers
Northward the dawn seems to be coming
And in an hour unusual
Wonder turns to dread, and horns call
And soon the streets are awake with cries
Of fear and panic among the folk

My heart is constricted; knowing
That this hour would come could not
Prepare me for the dread of loss
I am a hunter, and life never ceases changing
But I have grown to love the abiding loveliness
That I knew would now be blackened and brought low

Not unprepared would Morgoth find us!
Together we run, to gird ourselves for battle
I dress my lord in his golden mail, covering
His shoulders with a mantle of woven gold
He girds me with a sword, worrying that I have no armour
One touch on the cheek, one taste of tenderness,
And we are parted, I running south to Tuor's house,
Glorfindel to gather the Golden Flower to the aid of Turgon