A Strange New World

Explorations of the DarkElf
2nd Age of the Sun: A Strange New World

Days of words and wonder
Follow the submergence of Beleriand
And the Elves spread out to explore and adapt to their new home
Seeking the greener side of the distant trees
The sweeter air beyond the far mountains
Following their hearts
Or the rumours and whispers of their kin
Dwelling in these dark hills for ages unguessable

Magic lays heavy on the ground
Like shadows beneath the forest
For every bloom revealed there is a thorn concealed
Once familar things become dangerous traps

Already on this ride I have seen signs of death
Those few ill-created beasts that escaped their Dark Master
Lurk in the thickets and pools of Eriador
I have found their misshapen corpses
Or the skull or fingerbone of some unfortunate Elf
Betrayed by his lack of vigilance or abandoned by luck

And there are Men here, already here
Though most are rough and barely more than animals
They will take in the strange, strong Men that come to them
And regard them as leaders

And what, did I hear you ask,
Is the DarkElf doing, riding among the strange forests
After so long a time searching for her Lord and love?
Why has she come to this place alone
Flirting with darkness and danger again?

Not alone, dear friends
No, not alone
Glorfindel and I ride together
The Sun and Moon in motion
A singularity of love
And from his side I not now willingly depart
Nor again, for anytime foreseeable to this Elf
- Lothithil