On the Wings of the Storm

- Lothithil

On the Wings of the Storm; the DarkElf returns to Arda

What would you hear of my tale now
You who call upon me to speak?
How we returned, over bucking wave and cloud
bourne out of the West by a driven wind;
The arguments that rose when upon waking,
the mariners discovered Eärendil gone
and a different, less magnificent Elf in his place;
The long hours watching, waiting for a sign,
some proof that we were not lost in Ulmo's labrynth
Of these things I will not speak of now

Valinor is behind me
I am ever aware of where she lies
as if I were become a nautical vane
pointing always toward where that place of peace and beauty are immortal
beyond enchanted waters and impenetrable shadows
I can no longer be befuddled by them
having stood in the glade where the Two Trees once bloomed
some lingering radiance has crept into my soul
And however far I may stray from those white shores,
a part of me is still there, wandering the gardens
riding with Oromë, singing in Namo's halls

But forward stretches my will
That we may be somehow brought the swifter
to the lands were my people dwell
Where my Lord waits and labours
fending back the shadows
until the promise of the Valar is made good

For there is a storm coming to Arda
Our sails are filled with it's righteous breath
The clouds are building in the West
and when it sweeps across the sea
it will bring war such as the Eldar have never seen