DarkElf Sings of the Song of Stone

Seven gates lead to Gondolin
Seven circles built therein
Green plain with a white jewel
Where waters like crystals pool
Running over stones of white
That shift and glitter in the light
Refracted by the facets face
Of Lothingril, that lovely place

Loth she is named by those who love her
For her beauty is like a single flower
That blooms alone on a field of green
The like of which was once seen
On Tirion on that lost shore
Where we can hope to walk no more

Gondobar and Gondothlimbar
Tho I have wandered near and far
I have not come to see your peer
Of enemies you have no fear
Gwarestrin, what do you watch for?
Noone comes here, there is no door
No weakness in arc or face
In Gar Thurion, the Secret Place

It was on the night of the Summer Festival
When all of the folk of the city shared my vow
No word was sung or spoken
From the crown of night
Until the crow of first light
All that could be heard was the music
Water flowing over stone
Hand on harp, lip on horn
And all we could see was the sky
Red with a false dawn
The dawn of the End of Gondolin