DarkElf Speaks

- Lothithil

Fire and darkness choking life
In my mind I am still clean
I can reach that dream still
As it came to me in Doriath
Silver fruit and golden flowers
Feeding my starved spirit as it flaggs
Lifting me up above the mean things
As though I weighed no more than a prayer
Nailed still to the cruel earth
I am not free yet

Holding the wolves at bay
Somewhere, there is a voice singing of light
Making the stone shiver off it's shadows
Rippling and twisting the shape of things
And the baying of a great hound
Belling a challenge to all
Unmarked by my wardens who stand aghast
I inveigle my escape, but am
Brought up quickly by a great battle
Watch as the Hound of Valinor
Brings the Werewolf to ground
I would have screamed my defiance
When she offered a choice of doom
What need has He of life? What right?
What of the lives of Edrahil and my companions,
Countless others, and...
no... oh, no...

and at last, falling from my lips like tears
"Heru nen. Otorno..."

Sitting on a green hill
In a cleansed land
I raise my voice at last in a song
That I learned from a nightingale.

Quote from the Silmarillion:
But Finrod walks with Finarfin his father beneath the
trees in Eldermar