Sons of Men and Elves

In disguise as a warrior Man
DarkElf I, drink the vista of war
No doubt that I am unneeded
The Valar will not lose this fight
But the need for vengence and justice
Has ever burned hot in my veins
Glorfindel heard my arguments
With wry silence granted his slow leave
With oaths to act wisely and discreetly spoken
I will join him at Belegnost after the battle
I must witness the humbling of Morgoth with mine own eyes

Marching now in the van, the Men follow the Peredhil
Kindred of Beren and Tuor, blood of Bëor the faithful
Striding side by side yet it seems the brothers are now sundered

A gulf of choice lay between them
Elrond appears in his father's image
Fair Eärendil who steers the star
And skills and powers are his that are strange to Men
Elros has the visage of his forefathers
Fair and yet dark, strength in mind and hand
Upon his finger shines a ring
Crownéd and consuming serpents
With winking emerauld eyes

It is clear to this Elf that choices have already been made
Even if they have neither spoken their will
Among the Men I stay, keeping from their sight
Only amid the crush of the vast army
Can I hope to remain undetected
Should any Vala turn Their eyes this way
I keep my cloak pulled close
And my bright eyes lowered

- Lothithil