The Son of Tuor

Eärendil is a man grown
But I see the lad I once knew
Within the strength and nobility
Behind the salt-water grey of his eyes
He stares at me, he doesn't know me
My face bears no scars, my ornaments gone
But somehow a glimmer comes to him
He touches my face, seeks my eyes
I see my name on his lips
Yet he says no word,
Not wanting to believe, and yet yearning

"Who are you?"

"I am she who carried you on her back
on happier days through the vale of Tumladen.
I am she who taught you to hunt
and once clothed you in mithril.
I am she who saw your children live,
staying the hand of Maedhros.
I am she who has returned from Mandos,
for if I am to live for all the ages,
I will seek to return and find Glorfindel."


Long ago, I delighted to hold a child
Perfect and pure, a vessel of love
Now he takes me in his strong arms
And it is I who am comforted

Eonwë has waited patiently
Now repeats his words of welcome
And bids Eärendil come
For judgement awaits him, the Blessed Trespasser
I would follow, but he turns and takes my arm,

"Stay, 'Lothiel, and seek Elwing,
She would not stay aboard the ship,
But waits behind, lonely on the sands.
Comfort her, and I will return if I am allowed."

Obedient but anxious, I do as he bid
What would I say to the mother
Who charged me with the lives of her sons,
When she learns who now wards them
And what they did to her folk? My folk...

I watch him walk away, toward the glowing mountain
Sparkling dust on his garments, tracked upon the road
What is his destiny, why do I love him so?

- Lothithil