DarkElf Dresses in Shadows

If Time were a thing that could be crafted
Like soft metal mined from the earth
Or hard wood grown on unspoiled mountains
Or a new ship never launched from its berth

Then an elf of conscious would have some hope
Of making of Time what she would
Tempering or turning or steering herself
Toward the service of all that she deems good

But Time doesn't lie still to be woven
It flows through the fingers like sand
Some grains you may catch and hold on to
But one can not gather it all up by hand

And so, an Elf may learn the crafting
Of metal, wood, and sea
And in the current of Time's tide
Find the places where her heart runs free

This is the bliss that in Valinor I found not
Whole, at last, as only souls can be that love
It could not last long, I knew
By its very nature, happiness is transient
And so am I
Keep moving, but now at his side
We ride, for much work is there to be done
While in the West I lingered, Glorfindel
Did his duty carry out well
And so all our folk were already safe
Sent beyond the protection of the Blue Mountains
Celeborn and Altariel as their shepherds
Until we could join them again, in victory
Or if defeat be our fate, along with all the Lords of the West
In Valinor we shall all be joined

He teases me, my golden lord
Says my name is no longer apt
Gillothwyn, he says, smiling
I say that one galadriel is enough in the world
Not utterly unchanged I came back to Arda
With Varies lessons in my head
I weave a seeming of comfortable shadows
Midnight spinner's webs and moon moth silk
Call me Lolth, I jest, cloaked in darkness
He calls me heart-flower instead

- Lothithil