The Dark Elf Muses upon the Quenta Silmarillion, a Sestina

The worlds were formed in an idea of music
and out of the depths of Iluvatar's love.
Of the Ainur that were created by Eru, one there was who owned no pity.
He was Melcor, who sought in the Primal Darkness
for the Flame Imperishable, and failing to obtain it, finally with violence
wrought his frustration upon the earth, bringing dispair.

Yet this led to the creation of yet more beauty, to Melcor's own dispair.
To his discord was harmonized new themes of music
and out of these sounds that clashed with violence
came melodies as sweet as love
bringing light into the darkness
for even Eru is capable of pity.

It is a boon and a curse, the virtue of Pity,
if one cannot stave off dispair
then the heart collapses in darkness
and no more is heard the music
untouched by the warmth of love
annihilated without word or violence.

The beauty of the worlds was thus created in violence.
Unintentional assistance to the powers for light and pity
and even cruelty can be a product of love.
To save a soul from the consuming dispair
open the heart to the music;
It will penetrate the darkness.

For see; how brilliant are the stars in the darkness!
Would Varda have wrought them without Melcor's violence?
One needs but listen; the waters echo still with that first music
and a heart that has known even a touch of light can feel pity.
In a soul of hope, there cannot forever dwell dispair.
Children of our Father Eru, we are all creatures of passion and love.

Hold up like a banner to the heavens your love!
Let no fear dwell within your heart, be it closed in utter darkness.
Paint not your frescoes with the ink of dispair
and visit no free creature with violence.
Temper yourself with ambition and pity
and never, never cease to maketh music!

I feel no dispair that cannot be lightened with love
and ever the music calls to me even in darkness.
For those born to violence, I will enact pity.