The Sailing of Númenor

A vision from the past I never thought to see
Waves like mighty hands raise it
The Land of Gift kisses the coast of Lindon
Undine-driven, feathered by swans
Glowing from the Golden Lands where once it harboured
The ship of earth that bore away my folk long ago
Before the Sun and Moon were dreamt of;
Now a home for the New Men of the West

Only up here on the Blue Heights can you see it all
So vast, glittering in the jeweled sea
Many friends are there from whom I have just parted
Saying my short good-byes; I hope to sail there soon
To see where Númenor anchors in Time
But now, I am content to stay out of the joyful confusion on the quay
And bid my final farewells with the voice of my heart

Even so far from the business, I find that I am not alone
A golden lady has joined my position
As quiet as she is graceful
As beautiful as I am dark and plain

"Altáriel, will you not bless the Travelers so that their voyage is smooth?"
I ask of her, and Galadriel replies:
"In the grace of the Valar does that island sail,
And with Ossë at the helm shall not be steered ill.
All my hopes go forth in accompaniment
But my disquiet I shall keep from them."

"What means you, my Lady," I ask
For somehow a shadow seems to eclipse her immortal beauty
"What darkness do you see that might threaten Númenor?"

She turns a smile upon me, and I forget the shadow that I saw
But even as she leaves my side, a chill lingers upon my skin
And I wonder about Númenor and the future of Man

The hour appointed has arrived
The tide full in, the winds now tamed
A dark tear gathering on the cheek of Middle-earth,
She breaks away, a trail of lacy foam lingering
And Númenor moves in stately grace
Out to sea, far from these mean lands
And as the horizon takes her to its bosom
Lights spring up along all the shores
And Númenor sparkles like a nest of stars
Before she is lost to my long sight

- Lothithil