DarkElf Rises

- Lothithil

Weary as I have never been
I sit me down to dream
On a hill green and blooming
Amid a forest where evil walks
Thick as trees, they swarm here
So that my blade is never dry
I am fighting my way back to the lands
Where the Kings hold sway
Hoping for respite from the slaying
My thirst for vengence has waned
I cannot smother the fire with blood
Nor re-awaken those cut down
Though for many years now I have done naught else
Sun falls and darkness claims
The forest and my heart

So here I am, lurking on another grave
Waiting for my turn to lie in peace

I must shake off this black feeling!
The work of Morgoth will be done too easily
If I slay myself with mournful thoughts!
To my feet and to the shadows...
Fleet through the trees as a squirrel
Weaves falling moonbeams
I race along the leafy paths
My heart beating with new vigor and life

Somewhere westward I heard a distant horn
And ever there is circling great birds
Above the distant mountains
Though closer than I wish to the path
Once I trod with Felegund, I go that way
My hands and feet delight in the fresh trees
Unsullied and strangely free of foes
I climb heartily, the mountain my highway
To the twinkling stars
Where crisp wind carries and
Rain falls sweet and cold

Nearing the craggy top now
A sport to climb to the highest point
The rocks are slick with ice
Air thin and intoxicating
I see the swift approach of shadow
Thinking it but a cloud hurrying past
Until giant talons catch me up
Long scythes sharp as dragon’s teeth
Encircled in the predator’s grip
I am torn from my perch
And born away to whatever fate
Awaits the prey of Eagles