DarkElf Rides in Valinor

Leave the gardens to the singers
I force my languid limbs to move
Out of the whispering trees toward
A horizon of golden green
A rolling field of grasses
Where the hiding streams are betrayed
By the bushy growths of small trees
That rear their heads and wave in the breeze
The seedpods undulate, a dry surf beckons

I wade through this ocean
Turning my jealous gaze toward the rising sun
She has swung Her face over the homes of my loved ones
She has seen them in their rest or work
Or looked down on their silent mounds

My heart clenches in pain at the thought...
I cannot protect them on this shore
I must go back... I must!

Hoofbeats hammer the ground and my ears
Ahead I see the herd running
Coming over the bowed horizon like a foam on the tide
Horses running, and my aching heart now leaps
To see their strong limbs and proud heads raised
My spirit surges with them
I wish for their speed for myself
Tho it could not bear me over the water

A horn sounds not far away, and the herd turns
A luminecent figure on a great horse appears
He is the winder of the great horn
Hounds run at his stirrup
A spear shines in his hand
Like a wind his mount swims the grass sea
And I am rooted like a reef
The surf of horses breaks around me
And he comes and looks down at me
His eyes are intense, I cannot meet them
I bow my head and offer a salute

"Ride with me, Child," he says
And I know him though his name he speaks not
Oromë the bright hunter

I have seen him before
So long ago it seems a dream
He summoned us from the Waters of Awakening
I remember watching the hosts streaming away
When I refused to follow him

"Lord, forgive me!" I cry
"I could not forsake my kin
And fear held me in darkness.
Gladly would I run at your side now!"

"Do not run, but ride, Dark Elf.
Thou wouldst slow down the hunt;
Thou art no hound!
Hunt with me, and forget for a time
Any fear thou hast felt ever.

Joy, speed, wind, light
I have known all these things in my life
But here, on the back of one of his steeds
I know these feelings again
In a way that I have never before felt them
And for a time
I can feel nothing else

- Lothithil