Elvish Family Reunion

- Lothithil

I sit on the branch
I have hunted this night.
Black stains on my arrows
And dimming the edge of my knives.
My ears harken to the nightspeech
All is quiet now...
I have hunted well;
Though now I hunt alone where
I had set out with many.
May Mandos embrace them,
My less fortunate brethern.
Maybe I will go there someday...

But not by ship, by leaf and root!

This is my game:
I seek the lost ones.
The ones who listened in innocence
And were enveloped in the darkness.
I follow them, freeing them from thralldom
With ready stroke and silver shaft.

They are the work of Morgoth;
Twisted and corrupt.
More evil yet is this deed, for
I recognize them still.
My kindred from the Waters
Of Awakening who fled
Not fast enough to avoid
The Dark Hunter.
My heart breaks even
As I slay them,
And their eyes thank even
As their lips curse me.