The Return of Eärendil

DarkElf on the War of Wrath

And so I stand
A single blade of grass trembling in the wind
Waiting for the scythe
My mind pitched with fog
Lost in the spell of the Black Dragon
Here is a place where a darkelf might die

Suddenly a crushing weight bears me down
Not from above but beside
A voice in my ear, breathless but bemused,
Says, "One who wishes to avoid attention,
to keep the mantle of her disguise,
would do well, methinks, to keep her head down!"

I laugh into the earth
Push aching bones upright
And look into the face of Elros Half-Elven
Saying, "My lord, you have my thanks
for my life, but for my bruises
I shall thank you later!"

Further banter is suspended
As over our heads the dark lizard swoops
Licking the ground with fire
Bringing night to noon with his vast shadow

But lo! even as the Valar hesitate
A light comes streaming from the West
Piercing as the keenest lance
With the drums of Eagles's wings beating our ears
And the voices of a thousand thousand birds uplifting
A silver ship sails the sky's ocean
And descends to do battle

Elros raises his eyes to the sky
And lifting his sword he cries
"Hail, Eärendil! Blesséd Mariner!
Your son is here and he fights beside you!"
And the armies of Men and Elves regain their feet
And join in the battle

For a day and a night and another morning
Blood and fire rain upon us
Until the skies were cleansed

- Lothithil