Dark Elf Reflects

- Lothithil

 I am stayed here for a while
This gentle place
Where the river they call Teiglin
Flows past he mighty oaks
Before joining the Sirion
On its journey to the sea...

His tracks are clear to me
But I am stayed by the Meres of Twilight
Comfortably wrapt in the mists
He had departed back to his own folk, they said
The shining on who I first saw
I know not what drew me behind him
Like a tardy shadow
He is gone back to his own
His errand is spent
Like as not, I shall not see him again

Far I have come from the Hidden Kingdom
To the very edge of the Girdle
What use is there in return?
They think me simple, "the Tongueless One"
I heard all their speech
And though I speak it not, I understand them
Better than they I
I could go home from here
These Meres remind me of that
Place of Awakening I have not seen
For countless seasons
There are hard lands between
And so much to be seen beyond that river that sings

I will stay right here
Until from the singing I learn my road.