Red Book

A moody poem by Frodo

I remember how it was
Days of fear and determination
It seems that I had but to take the first step
Before we all were swept away

Moving forward, toward Fate
It lay like a weight upon my heart
More than the burden of the One
That I was the one, who led them into danger

Sometimes, it is hard to accept, what Gandalf told me
That whether I went or no, the Shadows would have come
If not to me on the road, to my home
Where would our hope have come from then?

I did not want the Ring
I did not want these scars, this doubt
But more than this,
I did not want the Shire defiled

After all we did and saw
The blood we shed and spilled
To come home and find this horror
Nearly unmakes all my deeds

But the Shire is being healed
Just as I hope one day to be
And as I write in this red book, I ask myself
Was it how I remember?

- Lothithil