DarkElf Ranges

- Lothithil

The riddling caves of Doriath
Cannot compare with the stunning
Beauty and Danger
Of the forest that girdles
In the midnight watches
When trees sparkle with star dew
Glowing softly with living light
Delighting these tender eyes
Their rinds are strong and warm
Their limbs shapely and clean
Leaves like laughter
Roots like home

I could walk here forever in delight
Wary only of the wonder
Snares there are
both magical and natural;
both ignore me
My woodcraft is better than before...
I can smell the wind change
And I now perceive the spirits
of things more clearly
No longer vague shapes
But vivid flames
As though my eyes were new

I saw them again, the lovers
They meet in the forest, deep
Beneath the sighing trees
She shines like a star
He is dark like the face of the new moon
But they are one
I have watched them from my high
Observing their innocent play
And heard her sing, nightingales
Follow her to learn how
He is strong, and true
I have never met a Follower who burned so!
He must be special indeed.
How long will their secret last?