A Poem from One Heart

- Lothithil

Elvish tears fall as rain upon the streams of time
They each alone make little difference to the course
but all find their way to the Sea...

Your innocence is what attracts me
An ageless wight from grove and glen
To thee I sing, I sing for thee
Among the boughs of my mallorn friend.

Little halfling walking, wandering
You have claimed the Ring and spoken
You will journey far away from home
And it will leave you broken.

But now your beauty is still fresh
Your mortal spirit shines like leaves
I hunger for the bright fresh view
Your lovely eyes perceive.

O to be mortal, to be a Guest;
I long for the release
I am forever bound to Arda
Her Peace will be my peace.

And Her Fate shall I also share
When Day subcumbs to Night
After the world is unmade
The Theme shall be played aright!

For Frodo Baggins (both of them!)