DarkElf Leaves the Nest

- Lothithil

Among the happiest moments of a long dark life
These days I have spent in this eyrie
Close enough to the firmament to see Varda’s stars
Even in the blaze of day
At the very top of the world it is cold
And my head is always light, as though I were
Still dreaming
I cling to the edge of the nest in the wind
And implore Iluvatar to hear me

Gwyen tolerates my singing
Sharing the food that the wings bring
As she sits upon her eggs
Weaving deftly a cloak for me
From her smallest silken feathers
She tells me tales out of the West
And names the Valar and Eru
My ears are full of wonder
I lay against her to keep the chill
From reaching my bones as we wait
For the pleasure of Turgon

His wingspan is the greatest
A thundercloud faster than the wind
Even burdened he soars with grace
Landing lightly on the stone ledge
His eyes are yellow and alien
And I feel the fear of the rabbit
As they look coldly upon me
His beak is strong and his voice is deafening
But contains none of the contempt in his regard:

"I bring one from the Hidden Rock to speak to you," he announced, and sliding down from his proud back appears an Elf. Dwarfed by the massive raptor, he walks around the Lord of the Eagles and comes to stand before me.

"I thought it might be thee, when Lord Thorondor arrived to with his tidings." Golden-haired and noble, fair of face surpassing all kindred I have known save one; he was the shining one who woke me from dreaming. "My name is Glorfindel of the House of the Golden Flower, and I am a captain of Turgon’s host. He has sent me to bring you to Gondolin, for you cannot now return to the lands without, having come this far."

He turned to speak to Thorondor, expecting me not to reply, but my words stayed him swiftly. "It was not my will to come at all," I answered coldly, "If I wished to live in bondage, I would have remained in the East."

He turned back to me, suprise and pleasure on his face, and my stubborn heart melted. His words placated me further. "The city is my home, and home of many Elves. And there is structured beauty and wildness both within the realm. Wilt thou come? I would show thee all that we have wrought, and our land is free of the stain of Morgoth." His eyes were gentle and his hand upon my elbow. "Wilt thou come?"

"I will come," I answered softly, though I turned away from his beckoning hand. To Gwyen I went and reaching up as high as I could, I embraced the mothering hen-eagle. Gracefully she bent her great neck and gently laid her beak upon my shoulder. She then draped round me a cloak of soft down, and I pinned it at my throat with a sharpened bone.

At Glorfindel’s imploring, I agreed to be blinded and bound. Strangely, this made the flight far more comfortable than the last. Strong arms held be firmly perched upon the broad feathered back and my cloak warmed me as for hours seeming we were lifted and sped through the oceans of the air. Glorfindel spoke in my ear, his face close to mine and his voice just above the scream of the wind, speaking of the city to which we were bound, and the King that I would soon meet.