DarkElf Goes Native

- Lothithil
Naught around this tale-fire
Will be told, Avid listener,
Of the memories and tender moments
That I shared with a prince
Of the House of Golden Flowers
Alas for thee! The DarkElf
Tells not all her secrets

But how can I leave unsaid
The noblity of his bearing, that poise
Could strike a silence even amoung his own folk
His hands were strength, and his sword
Was as an extra length of his own arm
Fell and skillful and precise
His feet were swift, and the word Grace
Could have been made for him alone
His loyalty and devotion to king and friend
Were more beautiful than his flawless face
But what captures me utterly
His absolute gentleness and
Love of nature

Let it be said only
That my days were full of richness
And splendor, and my nights
Mystery and music
As much as I was given, I gave again
And for all that I gave
I was returned thrice-fold
There was no longer any world outside of Gondolin