The Dark Elf Mourns

- Lothithil

for a long departed friend

The last leaf has long fallen
from your greying bark
roughly handled by the wind

your branches grow no more
lost to whim of nature
and weight of ice

no birds nest in your arms
even the shadows have
forsaken you

I grieve that I cannot walk beside you
other paths you travel now
beyond the confines of this world

Selfishness prevents me
from releasing your memory
I clutch greedily at the shreds of Time

you would laugh at me
pouting in the dark
when light and life surround me still

"Silly fool" you would say
"It is you that I pity
wait your turn for Valinor"

So clothe me in the garb of love
and send me back into Arda
In thy memory I rejoice and live

dedicated to Steve Wuncsh
1964 to 1982