DarkElf Discovers Mithlond

The Grey Havens Takes Shape

Mithlond has been born
Grey mist and soft yellow stone
It glows like saffron when touched by light
The mountains now rest with their feet in the surf
Water floods between their toes
Perfect small bays for the launching of boats
As if they had been made for that purpose

Long I expected to search
For I knew not where my famliy had fled to
Nor did I possess at that time a clear mind
Fatigued and overwhelmed by all that I had seen

I walked among the fledgling ships
I did not heed questions or pause
I thought to meet the mountains and search beyond
The refugees of Beleriand would answer Eonwë's call
But I felt sure that Glorfindel would not be among them
I prayed that he would not be among them
Seeking escape toward the West
My heart shut against the thought

I came to the greater bay
The glory of the Valar lies upon the still waters
Beneath the eyes of the benevolent powers I hoped to pass unheeded
Once more the shadows served me as a comforting garment
And nearly had I threaded my way through to freedom
When I found two Elves standing, waiting in my path
They bowed to me, but would not let me pass
Familiar they might have been,
But my eyes were not clear
What is familiar when you are lost inside yourself?

"Lay down thy burden, lady," they said
"The time for the carrying of swords is past."

"Perhaps, for the now," I answered, but held the sword more tightly
"Let the fool who hopes laugh in silence
Lest she speak aloud so that the wise silence her hope.
How can I find peace in the world if you will not let me pass?"

"Let us guide you to some comfort, lady," they answered
"One who would have speech with you awaits. Will you come?"

"What comfort can you give me, she who is restless within her own skin?"
I ask, though I have no strength to spend in anger
"And who would I desire to have speech with other than my own lord?
I bid you let me go, for I am late
And there is no life or beauty in this new world
That does not bear the name Glorfindel."

The Elves smile and offer their hands to me
"That is the one who waits, among others.
We have searched far and wide for thee
And our brethren are combing the new sands for you.
You are indeed late-come, Lady Dínfaroth."

- Lothithil