DarkElf Greets the Mariner

- Lothithil

Knees on the loam, I sink in despair
For the image of the Trees in my heart lives
A vision of healing I had long clung to
But scorching my eyes is the proof of the Fall
Dried husks, black limbs, lifeless and lightless
Monuments of Folly
My tears cannot erase

Numbed of mind and feeling
I find myself walking, walking away
Calacirya a dark valley amid darker hills
Looming before me
No less the shadow at my heels
Stretching before me as if to escape
There is no refuge from Time

Lo! the light grows more before me,
Tho the Sun cools her fire in the West
A shimmering light, like a star rising
Illuminates the East and frosts the mountains

There is no Folk about, having gone to celebrate Festival
But echoing though the city is a voice
And my ears cannot believe what they hear
My footsteps hasten, my heartbeat faster
And I see him as he turns away, back to the shoreward road
In a voice as joyful and piercing as the morning, I cry:

"Hail Eärendil, of mariners most renowned,
the looked for that cometh at unawares,
the longed for that cometh beyond hope!
Hail, Eärendil, bearer of light before the Sun and Moon!
Splendor of the Children of Earth,
star in the darkness, jewel in the sunset,
radiant in the morning!"*

* text borrowed from The Silmarillion, with respect to Tolkien and Eonwë'