A Poem for a Man

- Lothithil
Quoted from LOTR, somewhere in ROTK, I think...
Meriadoc Brandybuck: "Like a father you shall be to me."
Theoden, King of Rohan: "For a little while."

A Gift that in the fullness of Time, even the Powers will come to envy

A mountain you are, the foundation of the earth
Though by Ages passed my youth long ago
Your walls unscaleable, your head wreathed in clouds
Your countenance stern and consistant
In the face of my follies and my triumphs
You remained always in stoney support
If I ever was cold
If I ever felt small
If ever I was reduced or filled with despair
I knew your power and your strength were mine,
Ever ready to act on my behalf
I thought you were immortal...

Now the mountain will someday be gone
Worn away by wind and Time
But in living memory, you will ever
Hold up the sky for me

Dedicated to Robert Gangwere