Maglor's Lament

DarkElf enters the Second Age

Ai! I have fallen!
Release me from this earth, Ilúvatar!
Release me from this flesh, this world!
The memories of my deeds
The murder of my people
Where will I go and not remember?
The doors of the Houses of Mandos are closed to me
I have fallen!
The void calls!
I am broken, ruined
My hand is burned beyond healing

Once I was powerful
But I knew not strength
Once I was loyal
But I knew not love

Would that I could be your child again, One Father!
Eru, forgive me!

Salt fills my senses
Tastes on the air like spilled blood
Seagulls sing counter-tempo to Maglor's lament
I know now my Lady Nienna's purpose to have me here
To witness the delivery of the Silmaril
To lay the legend to rest
The surf has eaten my tracks
But I remember the way I came

My feet that would turn now hesitate
For yet does Maglor kneel upon the sand
Cradling his hand, swallowing pain
I can do nothing for him, I have no healing art
I have not even my sword, and no desire for vengence in me
If Makalaurë seeks to end his life
He must ask it of another

Still, I cannot leave him so
Emptyhanded, I go to his side
And upon his shoulder I lay my hand
Not in forgiveness
Not in sympathy
But to show merely that I am still here
- Lothithil