The Dark Elf Lurks

- Lothithil

When moon has set and darkness
Again rules the forest floor
And creatures of the evening
Are evident no more
Then is the time for hunting
The beasts who prey on fear
The Werewolves howl on the borders;
The DarkElf checks her gear

The night has become black indeed
But my eyes see clear as rain
I stalk the vampire and the warg
They know who is their bane
This land was once both fair and free
And terror was a dream
But now evil seeps into the soil
And poisons air and stream

A hunter I am stationed
I fight the slow defeat
The forest is my domain
There will be no retreat
The Sea, I hear inside my head and
Whispers from the streams...
It calls to me, I heed it not
But I see it in my dreams.