Left Behind

- Lothithil

I am coming near the end
Standing here in the dark
The mountains of His land before me
Rising like a wave to engulf the world
and all of my friends

I know too many things now
My courage fails even as I grope for it
Uncle Bilbo said that in such times
He would find his strength by
Thinking of what he'd like for breakfast

Such things do not comfort me
Nor do they give courage
Instead I think of something
I left behind in haste
A thing I would have with me now

A thing that served me well
For many years I had it
Carried it everywhere I went
And never thought about it
So perfect and so fine

It got me into danger
And out of trouble, too
Like a shadow it followed me
Armour invisible and pure
Where did I leave it?

Is it still in my room
On Bag End's dusty shelves
Or was it taken from me
On the point of a Morgul knife
Or did I lose it on the way?

Sam, Sam, where did I leave it?
What am I looking for?