Leaving Middle-Earth

Beyond the bruised mountains
A ship rolls at anchor for me
Upon a road of fractured light
It will bear me to Eressea

I am worn, bereft, and broken
Flayed and foundering, torn apart
All that is left of me that's good
You carry in your heart

Now take my hand, and let me go
Sam, you will always be my friend
Do not despair; you know I must leave
Some wounds can never mend

Lift up your heart and go back home
Take with you all my love
Remember me with forgiving thoughts
When you watch the stars above

Our hardest roads are all past us
You must live now for me, too
And in days to come, when you feel grey
A ship will be waiting here for you

I will be there at the end of your road
To receive the last ship sailing west
We'll see each other again, my friend
There is always one more Quest

((((Frodo and Sam))))