DarkElf Takes Her Leave

Long time together my Lord and I rode
And over much territory our adventures led us
Before Ereinion called his straying Captain home
I accompanied him back to Lindon
Riding through the blue mists of those sharp, fresh mountains
But on the crest my heart paused
Before riding down into the valley below

Beside me, Glorfindel paused as well
His mood attuned to mine
In completed trust and love he took my hand
And wordlessly gave me permission to go on

Reluctance rooted us to the ground
Neither to go forward or back would please us
So we remained where we were
Holding hands
Until the Sun and Moon had both blessed our parting

For while duty called to Glorfindel
The dark folds of land called to me
The blanched stones of hills wink like beacons
Lakes and ice-fields carry the sound of distant voices
Laughter of peoples I have not encountered
Languages of beasts which I have not yet learned
The scent of trees I have not touched with my hands
Spring-water that I have not tasted

A dark smoke gathers far in the East
A brooding threat to my mind
It repels me, but there is where the tracks are leading
Of those Shadow creatures that I choose to hunt

I remember the one who escaped the net of the Valar
I remember the death of Finrod at his hands
And I will not forget nor forego the vengance I swore
An Elf should not live beneath the same sky as that of her liege-lord's slayer
So into the rising sun will I ride
To the very cradle of Dawn if I must

- Lothithil