The Golden Kiss

- Lothithil
DarkElf and Glorfindel reunited

This picture has played a thousand times
In my weary mind,
Will he be here when I return
Will he be waiting for me
Will hands reach and smiles rise
Words whispered that need not be said aloud
Will we run, to close the distance between us sooner

Will he be here, or gone away
Pledged to preserve the blood of Edáin
Has he left this place that lies in the shadow of the coming war
How could he know that I would return now
What if he has gone to seek me elsewhere

As the ship sails closer to the shore
My heart shrinks away from the fear I endure
Ereinion had been acting most mysteriously
Leaving my unvoiced questions unanswered
Is Fingol Glorfindel here
I fear the answers more than my own death

A soft sigh beaches our craft, sand giving beneath our feet
Standing again on the solid earth
I know that it is I who rocks and sways
My strength seems to have fled with my courage

But I do not stumble, for hands are there to assist me
My shipmates catch my arms
They have not let me fall yet
And many times on the voyage have I wavered
I see why Eärendil had chosen them, loved them
They are good men

My feet slowly remember the road
I can see that much time has passed here
Trees taller, gardens full
Here are children I have never seen before, playing
Others grown who had then been small
I wonder now how Lothlim appears
Were her streets deserted
Had the stains been washed clean
From that place were the Elf I once had been died
She has taken her scars and her fury to her grave
And I am left with all her hope and longing

I hear footsteps running, coming closer
Someone in great haste
He appears to take no heed of himself,
But stretched his legs to make better speed
I stand aside for him, lest he bear me down
But as he passes me, our eyes meet
And he stops himself abruptly,
Questions in his twilight eyes
And incredulous joy in his beautiful face
His hair is the colour of flax

But what strikes me then is not these things mentioned
But the naked love in his desperate regard

In this moment we know each other again
Though both we have changed
Recognition cannot be denied
There is a golden kiss that darkness and time cannot unmake