To Idril's House

- Lothithil
To Idril’s house I make no speed
In streets choked with milling folk
To come there quicker I take to roofs
Leaping with ease to eaves to gambol
My feet lighter than my heart

For ever have I grown more suspicious
Of Maeglin’s close council
And his seeming mellowness
Since his overlong sojourn in the hills
He smiles with artifice
And his eyes dwell on Idril with intent
That is unchanged
And upon me with malice increased

But my fear is not for myself this night
All things that are precious are in peril
In Tuor’s House dwell not just my friends
But Earendil the Promised
And little Jacinth, merely a babe
Of my flesh joined by heart
Dwelling with Idril in care of the nurse Meleth
All must escape this night of horror

The Way of Arches is thick with smoke
A burning has been set in the city
Blinking tears I see a shape ahead
That brings my steps short and chills me
Maeglin with his eyes glinting in the red skies
Waiting with his black sword bare
Fully intent on his menace
I do not sense his confederates
Until their iron claws close and I am caught

Maeglin comes and lays his blade
Against my throat, where it whispers its thirst
He says "Shall I cut your secrets from you?
All of the conspiricies are ashes now.
Speak! And if your truth pleases me
I shall grant you a clean death"

With loathing in my heart I answer
Without my voice, an audible thought
That the perceptive elf hears as clear as bells
'Thou art cursed, Maeglin son of Eol.'

He draws back as if dealt a blow
Almost I can see tears in his eyes
Blank of mercy and passion
A small dagger he hands to one of the orcs
"This truth does not please me.
Cut out her tongue and
Throw her from the walls"

And so it was done