The Vala of the Hunt

This whole land is like a song
Brought to life by the Bard's clever tongue
Visions in conjunction; the Valar's work
Shows no blight, no deserts, no deadly dark
That my eyes can see

Did you know
When it rains here
It is as if the earth rises
To meet the moist sky
Air is thick with sweetness
And the soft humming of the land
All are touched by the tears
Of two mighty brothers

My mind is still galloping
As if borne by strange horses
I feel insubstantial... transient
My flesh is like clouded glass
Shadows non-existant on
This day of occluded sun

Oromë has sent his horses to graze
Standing among the grasses of the plains
He is mightier than a spreading oak
Or a monument of stone
The wind never ceases to tease his locks
Nor the stars to light his eyes

His voice sounds like a horn blown in the long leagues;
"Go, Elf!" he says to me
"Mine heart longs to keep thee here,
for thy thirst for the Hunt is as great as mine.
But other bounty must thou seek
before back to my side thou might come."

"Lord," says I, "in your company
I have found new delight.
But your wisdom is just; I must go.
In paradise a dark heart cannot rest,
but yearns to return
though bitterness and pain is my legacy
those few moments of bliss
I cannot forsake."

"Thy heart is seeming dark, but be thou not!"
Oromë says, and he raises his hand
I feel I am changing, the image focuses
And I am hot and taunt and dark again
Skin of rich soil, hair of midnight
As once I was upon the earth

"Dark thou art now, but thy heart
Forever ardent remains."

- Lothithil