New Horizons

DarkElf at the End of the First Age

On the new-formed shores of Lindon
The Host of the Valar is encamped
Singing is heard, merriment and lament
The Edain are honoured among the Eldar
And the Elves cherish them
They will wait here, some of the Men,
For the bringing of their Land of Gift
And prepare to take their leave of Middle-earth

The Eldar busy themselves building
Ships or Homes, for some will stay
Loving the land, even in her scarred beauty and memory
Some will depart, seeking to serve the Valar and forget

This dark elf who stands numbly on the sand
Staring eastward as if daring the dawn
Is not the same dark elf who crept off to battle disguised

I feel as though a part of me has been swallowed by the sea
And the blood of my past has not been cleansed from my hands
By the touch of the Silmaril's light
Nienna has said to me that forgiveness
Is something to be given not sought
I said to her that I do not understand her
She was far more satisfied than I with the exchange

"Go," she said then, and her smile was for once not tinged with sorrow
"Remember what I have said
Whether you take the eastward roads
Or the watery paths West
All your actions will be in my service
For though you do not understand yourself
You have proven before the Valar to be worthy
There is much need yet in the world for your mercy."

Bowing before her gentle being
I feel the hard warmth of her hands
Resting upon my head in benediction
And when I look up, she is gone

The fire that I felt to fly and find my family
Has sifted through my soul like ashes
Listless, I wander away
My feet tracing the raw new shore
Sun on my left
Wind on my right
Surf on my feet and
Night in my heart

- Lothithil