DarkElf Speaks to the High King

- Lothithil

Like an arrow shot from the Hunter's bow
Our craft flies true toward Belar
Borne on the passion Ulmo's will, back to Arda
DarkElf is coming home!

Even before that jewel-green island appears
Ships are to be seen
Around the isle, petals of the lotus
Cirdan's fleet turned out
Not to flee, no, they are laden for battle
To carry the war northward away from home
We glide between these great ships
A single frail boat shining
As if still bathed in Arien's light
The sun which has already settled in her evening cradle

The flagship intercepts us, and we board willingly
To kneel before Ereinion himself
King with the starfield banner, son of Fingon
Gil-Galad he is in the Grey Tongue

Ereinion speaks,
"Where is your captain?"

I lift my head, words stirring within me
"Behold Eärendil, for though he sails no longer to mortal lands
Through the heavens he shall sail for ever
Bringing hope to all who dwell in Arda!"

A hallowed ship cleaving the waters of sunset
A star of great brilliance appears in the West
Illuminating our upturned faces
Mine not the only one wet with tears

Now is the time to speak my message:
"The Lord of the West comes hither!
The Valar have hear your supplications and answer!
Do not linger here, but gather your womenfolk and children
Bear them to safety, for Beleriand shall not survive this war."

Lord Ereinion looks upon me closely
"Eärendil I knew well, and all his crew.
You did not sail forth with him upon his undertaking,
Yet here you are, among his men.
I know you not, yet in you there is something I recognise.
Who are you, she who shines and yet
Throws shadows with her eyes?"

"My Lord, I am that Elf once know as Morlothiel.
Dark I was, and dark my heart shall ever be
Until with my Lord Glorfindel I am reunited."

He favours me with a smile.
"Bring us to port, Lord Cirdan.
There is one waiting ashore who must hear these tidings."