Frodo's Heir

- Lothithil

To Samwise, Heir of Frodo Baggins

Take this sword
I shall not use it again
In your hand it serves me best
My own hand has not the strength
Nor my heart to hurt any living thing

Take this philter
Full of light of the star
That Eärendil steers on his endless voyage
I have no place to keep it now
Nor memory of light to kindle it

Take this book
I cannot finish it
The last pages are blank
Because the story will go on
After I have departed

Take these keys
Bag End is your home now
Fill the rooms with laughter
And the halls with running children
So that all the corners are lit with life

Take the last ship
After your life is spent
And come to me where I shall be waiting
On the White Shores beyond
There we will meet again

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